Like my colleagues at Westwood, storytelling has always appealed to me. I spent the beginning of my career in the music industry, working for major American agencies to develop artists and storytellers with global appeal, with a focus on live music and touring artists.

After about a decade, my life changed one evening, and I found myself drawn toward another mode of expression, another way of telling stories. I left the music industry to dive into the world of podcasting, in order to support storytellers through monetization and distribution of their work. To do that, I co-founded a podcast network called Gramercy that focused on those goals.

I excelled at navigating podcast IP in multiple formats and helping stories find just the right home and audience. Starting a division of Gramercy that focused on IP and literary representation eventually led me to recognize my love and passion for literary management and media rights. This path led me to Westwood Creative Artists, where I now work with Michael Levine in our Media Rights division, focusing on navigating and developing IP into multiple formats.

I represent some of the biggest directors, producers and production companies in podcasting, and am actively looking for original content, ideas, and manuscripts that can change the world and the way we view it.