Chris has been a tireless and successful advocate for my work. He knows the publishing world intimately and navigates it with tremendous insight and skill. What I especially value about being his client is that, while he seeks the best deal in the short term, he thinks about my long term career as well. Chris is fully engaged in my project of the moment while somehow, at the same time, thinking several steps ahead of my own ambitions. It's a talent borne not only of experience, but empathy--and the latter is ultimately what every writer needs.

James McWilliamsAuthor of Just Food, The Modern Savage, and Eating Promiscuously

Before WCA, I studied Creative Writing at York University. On my last day of class, before graduation, my prose professor, the brilliant Shyam Selvadurai, called me into his office and talked me out of pursing an MFA in Creative Writing and into two years travelling through Europe. He told me that everything I’d need to know about stories I’d find in the world (and then he taught me how to write a proper grant proposal.) It was from Shyam that I first developed my love for the Canadian literary community, and understood the value of creative professional guidance.

I was first hired by WCA in 2006. Actually, they didn’t hire me the first time I applied, but I knew this was the agency I was meant to work for and told them I’d be back. And indeed within two months I was stationed at the front desk being groomed by the finest agents in Canada. I started my journey at the slush pile and moved on to negotiating permission requests and author contracts. Over a decade later, I have represented award-winning authors, sold multiple best-selling books, and negotiated international publishing deals. I was right; WCA was the agency I was meant to work for.


I have established strong relationships with elite authors, editors and publishers, which allow me to draw from top-level publishing insight, access respected contacts throughout North America, and help authors tell their stories in the most professionally appealing way. I have helped sell projects for such acclaimed authors as Stephen Bown, George Jonas, Richard Wagamese and Max Wallace, and for emerging authors such as Kern Carter, Antonio Michael Downing, Ann Hui, Alexandra Shimo, and Christine Tizzard. I am passionate about finding and nurturing new literary voices, and helping authors who have a story to tell elevate their craft and share their work with the world.

My job is to make my authors’ lives easier

I take pride in being both a publishing professional who is connected to the current marketplace and understands how to best negotiate it, and also a creative partner with proven editorial instincts. I am actively growing my client list, and am looking for stories I haven’t heard, told well – stories that need to be told, particularly the ones that aren’t often shared, the dark corners most people don’t explore. I’m especially attracted to big ideas, diverse voices, inspired experts, and driven journalism – to authors who know something that I don’t and care deeply about sharing their knowledge; people fearless enough to stand up and tell their truths. I love being floored by the impossibly simple and the endlessly complex. I have represented journalists, scientists, chefs, adventurers, poets and activists, and have worked tirelessly to promote their books. I also love literary fiction that’s told fearlessly and authentically. While I am not the right agent for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Romance, if your novel is strong and you’re passionate about the industry, send me your best work.

Chris is a rare breed, combining deft editorial insights with publishing savvy. His insights have helped elevate my work, and then get it into the hands of the right people. In what often seems a cutthroat industry, he cares as much as anyone I've encountered about helping authors achieve every possible success on the journey before them.

Bruce KirkbyAuthor of The Dolphin's Tooth

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