Meg Wheeler

Ihave the best job at WCA, in my humble opinion – Associate Agent and International Rights Director. I get to work closely with my agent colleagues while I work to build my client list and the careers of the authors I represent, and I get to represent WCA’s wider client list in the international marketplace, meaning I get to actively promote and cheer on (and read!) my colleagues’ authors’ books, too. It is the best of both worlds and allows me to work collaboratively with everyone at WCA – and it keeps me on my toes, with no two days being the same.

What I’m looking for

I am currently closed to submissions and will update this page as soon as I reopen.

I love fiction from across the spectrum, though I would say at the moment I’m more eager to read commercial and commercial-literary crossover novels than straight literary novels. I am particularly interested in hearing from authors from marginalized communities. Send me your crime, your thrillers, your “women’s fiction” (blech), your romance! Also, send me your dogs! ????

Non-fiction in the areas of current events, popular science, “big ideas”, and memoir (albeit very selectively) will also pique my interest. If you’re an expert on your subject, I’d love to hear from you.

For the moment, I won’t be accepting queries related to books for kids of any age. While I represent a handful of children’s book authors, I’m not currently taking on more.

I’m not the right agent for

Science fiction, erotica, poetry, or stage/screenplays.