18th RBC Taylor Prize Announced

By December 6, 2018December 11th, 2018News

We’re delighted to share that four out of the ten authors on the 18th RBC Taylor Prize longlist are represented by Westwood Creative Artists! We would like to wish a warm congratulations to these deserving authors.

From the Jury:

Just Let Me Look at You by Bill Gaston
“This is a quiet, meditative and tender-hearted exploration of childhood injury and its legacy across generations.”

All Things Consoled by Elizabeth Hay 
“Tender, witty and brutally honest, the book tears open the cloak of shared secrecy to bare the dynamics of a family — the fears, sibling rivalries, joys, disappointments and grievances that have lain unacknowledged through the decades.”

Seeking The Fabled City by Allan Levine
“A tour de force both as a definitive history and a fascinating read. Levine tells a compelling story that is, in its own way, a most significant and valued history of Canada. ”

Mamaskatch by Darrel J. McLeod
“A torturously-beautiful memoir of growing up in a world of violence and family trauma. McLeod’s writing is lyrical and offers a powerful examination of contemporary issues, from sexual self-identification to the scars of residential school to the contemporary search for reconciliation.

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