WCA Deal Report for July 9, 2021

  • Reka Simonsen at Atheneum has acquired world rights to the picture book MY CAT DOES BALLET by Robert Heidbreder (Roarchestra) introducing readers to ballet terms and famous dancers through history, as a young dancer compares the antics of his pet with those of his friends, culminating in a “cat”astrophe of a ballet.  Matt Schu will illustrate.  Publication is set for fall 2023; Hilary McMahon at Westwood Creative Artists represented the author, and Chad W. Beckerman at the CAT Agency represented the illustrator.
  • Thomas King’s GREEN GRASS, RUNNING WATER to Jeanne Strømberg and partners at Running Water Productions Ltd., by Michael Levine at Westwood Creative Artists on behalf of Jackie Kaiser.
  • Caspian Films Productions Ltd., owned by actor, director and producer Megan Follows, has optioned the film and tv rights to Mary Rubio’s critically acclaimed biography of Lucy Maud Montogomery, THE GIFT OF WINGS. The book chronicles her life from her apparently idyllic childhood in Prince Edward Island and passion-filled adolescence, to her legal fights as a world-famous author, and her shattering experiences with motherhood and as a wife to a deeply troubled man. The deal was arranged by Michael Levine at Westwood Creative Artists on behalf of Jackie Kaiser.
  • Allan Levine’s SEEKING THE FABLED CITY, the meticulously researched account of the Jewish experience in Canada, to Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, by Michael Levine at Westwood Creative Artists, on behalf of Hilary McMahon.