WCA Deal Report for June 3, 2022

  • Chinese Canadian writer, musician, and filmmaker, and author of THIS CITY IS A MINEFIELD Aaron Chan‘s THE BROKEN HEART; this tender book with identity-inspired LGBTQ2S+ themes is the story of a young girl who likes to fix things, and who sets out to help her brother mend his heart after his relationship with his boyfriend has ended, illustrated by Josiane Vlitos, to Lauri Hornik at Rocky Pond Books, for publication in spring 2024, by Emmy Nordstrom Higdon at Westwood Creative Artists for the author and illustrator (world).
  • Harvard-trained cultural psychologist and Pushcart-nominated writer Christine Ma-Kellams‘s THE BAND, after a K-Pop band member’s latest song inadvertently ruffles the political feathers of three East Asian superpowers, he hides out in the McMansion of a Chinese American psychologist with a savior complex, whom he meets in an H-Mart; meanwhile, in his absence, the band’s producer reflects on his previous creation—a girl group who he built from scratch to stardom before their tragic disbanding, to Loan Le at Atria, in a pre-empt, by Emmy Nordstrom Higdon at Westwood Creative Artists (world).