WCA Deal Report for June 7, 2024

  • Bestselling author of WHAT WE BURIED Robert Rotenberg’s ONE MINUTE MORE, an unstoppable thriller set in 1988 when—a mere 99 hours before world leaders gather in Toronto for the G7 summit—police get a hot tip that an assassin is on the way, for fans of Lee Child and Brad Thor, to Adrienne Kerr at Simon & Schuster Canada by Michael Levine at Westwood Creative Artists for publication in Spring 2025.


  • Collingwood Film Company has optioned the film and TV rights to Douglas Hunter’s book GOD’S MERCIES, about the mutiny aboard Henry Hudson’s Discovery in James Bay, and the quest by Samuel de Champlain to travel up the Ottawa River and collect from the Nebicerini people a captive English boy who may have been Hudson’s son. The deal was arranged by Michael Levine at Westwood Creative Artists on behalf of Hilary McMahon and Martyn Krys of FilmLegals Entertainment on behalf of Jesse Thomas Cook.