WCA Deal Report for May 27, 2022

  • Random House Canada’s Craig Pyette has acquired Canadian English rights to Luis Najera’s DARK CORNERS. The memoir tells the story of the author’s life with the drug cartels of Mexico – growing up amidst their influence, reporting on their atrocities as a journalist, witnessing Calderón’s war on drugs from a position within the police force, fleeing to Canada to save his family from criminal threats, and the hardships of finding his and his family’s way in a new country and new language. Publication is expected for spring 2024. The deal was arranged by Chris Casuccio and John Pearce of Westwood Creative Artists.
  • Elizabeth Philips at Thistledown Press has acquired English Canadian rights to author of WAITING FOR COLUMBUS Thomas Trofimuk’s THE ELEPHANT ON KARLUV BRIDGE.  Narrated by the 600-year-old Charles Bridge, the novel follows Sal, an elephant who has escaped from the Prague Zoo, and the people she meets in the night, all wrestling with profound questions about life and love. Publication is set for August 2022; Hilary McMahon of Westwood Creative Artists inked the deal.