WCA Deal Report for May 7, 2021

  • Neal Porter at Holiday House/Neal Porter Books has acquired world rights to BANANA DREAM by Iraqi-Canadian Hasan Namir (The Name I Call Myself), with Zainab Faidhi to illustrate.  The picture book is inspired by Namir’s own childhood enduring sanctions in Iraq, and explores a child’s coming to terms with his unusual name against a story of scarcity and want. Publication is planned for summer 2023; Hilary McMahon of Westwood Creative Artists represented the author and the illustrator represented herself.
  • Author-illustrator of THE OUTLAW and THE RANGER Nancy Vo’s BOOBIES, a lighthearted journey into the world of boobies – the blue-footed avian sort and the more familiar kind that each of us has on our own bodies, to Karen Li at Groundwood Books, for publication in Fall 2022, by Jackie Kaiser at Westwood Creative Artists (World).
  • Author of HARDY ROSES: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR HIGH LATITUDES AND ALTITUDES, Bob Osborne’s new book, HARDY APPLES, to Julie Takasaki at Firefly Books, for publication in Spring 2022, by Jackie Kaiser at Westwood Creative Artists (World). HARDY APPLES is a photographic guide to apple-growing in harsher climates with photography by Beth Powning.
  • New York Times bestselling author of THE COLONY OF UNREQUITED DREAMS Wayne Johnston‘s JENNIE’S BOY MY MISFIT CHILDHOOD IN NEWFOUNDLAND, the story of a tragicomic childhood in a part of Newfoundland whose way of life is fast disappearing, to Anne Collins at Knopf Canada, for publication in Fall 2022, by Jackie Kaiser at Westwood Creative Artists (Canada English).
  • Allan Levine’s DETAILS ARE UNPRINTABLE, chronicling the murder of a high society New York woman by her closeted husband, and the elements that culminated in this tragic event, to Three Film and Television Inc., by Michael Levine of Westwood Creative Artists for Hilary McMahon.