WCA Deal Report for October 1, 2021

By October 1, 2021Deals
  • Dundurn Press’ President and Publisher Scott Fraser has acquired World English rights to Patricia Westerhof’s THE CANADIAN GUIDE TO CREATIVE WRITING AND PUBLISHING. The text is described as a handbook for Canadian writers at all stages of their careers and will contain creative writing lessons, prompts, and Canadian publishing industry information. Westerhof is an Instructor of Creative Writing at the University of Toronto and the author of a short story collection, a novel, and co-author of creative writing textbook THE WRITER’S CRAFT. The deal was arranged by Meg Wheeler of Westwood Creative artists.
  • Michael Holmes at ECW Press has acquired world English rights to GIN, TURPENTINE, PENNYROYAL, RUE: A LOVE STORY by Christine Higdon (THE VERY MARROW OF OUR BONES). Set in 1920s Vancouver, the novel explores forbidden love, choices and vengeance, set in motion after a sister’s betrayal leads to a back-alley abortion. Publication is planned for spring 2023; Hilary McMahon of Westwood Creative Artists represented the author.
  • Dundurn‘s Scott Fraser has acquired World, English rights to Bruce Geddes’ CHASING THE BLACK EAGLE, a novel set during the Harlem Renaissance and in Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia, based on one man’s involuntary pursuit of real-life adventurer Hubert Julian. Publication is expected for Fall 2022. The deal was arranged by Chris Casuccio at Westwood Creative Artists.
  • Imogen West has optioned the film and tv rights to Tomson Highway’s KISS OF THE FUR QUEEN, an intimate, deeply personal book celebrating Highway’s birthplace in northern Manitoba, where it meets Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, and what is now Nunavut. The deal was arranged by Michael Levine at Westwood Creative Artists on behalf of Jackie Kaiser
  • Yann Martel’s THE HIGH MOUNTAINS OF PORTUGAL renewed to Jakkajungsin Publishing Co. (Korea), by Tae Eun Kim of Shinwon Agency, on behalf of Meg Wheeler at Westwood Creative Artists for Jackie Kaiser.
  • Timothy Findley’s PILGRIM renewed to Neri Pozza Editore (Italy), by Elisa Beretta at The Italian Literary Agency, on behalf of Meg Wheeler at Westwood Creative Artists for Bruce Westwood.
  • Kathryn Nicolai’s NOTHING MUCH HAPPENS to Bloom Books (Vietnam), by Meg Wheeler at Westwood Creative Artists for Jackie Kaiser.