WCA Deal Report for October 8, 2021

By October 8, 2021Deals
  • Film and television rights to David A. Robertson’s epic Middle Grade Indigenous fantasy series THE MISEWA SAGA which commences with The Barren Grounds, to ABC Signature, by Michael Levine at Westwood Creative Artists, on behalf of Jackie Kaiser (World).
  • 90th Parallel Productions and Groupe Fair-Play have optioned the film rights to Julian Sher’s THE NORTH STAR: CANADA AND THE CIVIL WAR PLOTS AGAINST LINCOLN, which tells the stories of Canadians swept up in history’s turning point, including the man from Montreal who leads the army’s hunt for Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, the first Black doctor in Canada who joins the Union Army and meets the President in the White House, and the Confederate spies and plotters who use Canada as a base to support the Southern cause. The deal was arranged by Michael Levine at Westwood Creative Artists on behalf of John Pearce