WCA Deal Report for May 8, 2020

By May 8, 2020June 26th, 2020Deals

Robert Hough‘s THE MARRIAGE OF ROSE CAMILLERI, the story of 19 year old Rosie who leaves her rustic village on a tiny Maltese island to seek her fortune in Toronto, to Douglas and McIntyre, by Jackie Kaiser at Westwood Creative Artists (North American English).

Ken Whyte at Sutherland House has acquired Say Please, Thank You, and Stand in Line, the debut memoir from Dany Assaf, co-written by Don Gillmor, in which the author explores his experiences growing up Muslim in Alberta, and how his family is one of many that make up an integral part of both Canada’s past and future. Especially after 9/11, Assaf has worked in his communities and through his profession as a lawyer specializing in economic policy, to safeguard not only Canada in the face of global unrest, but the place of Muslim Canadians in the country’s culture. Michael Levine at Westwood Creative Artists represented the author.